Thursday, September 07, 2017

Taking a Break

I will be away from my computer for the next week so no blogging = (  
That means no WIPs With Friends next week either.

I will, however be on Instagram if you would like to follow along as we plan a brand new vaca.

Apparently going to the Outer Banks is not a good idea when a hurricane is blowing in.  
We are not sure the mountains would be good either so will make it up as we go along.  
We are nothing if not adaptable!

I am going to take my sewing machine along on this adventure as well as the kittens which should provide some good shenanigans.

This photo reminded me of God pointing His flashlight at us.

I hope everyone in the path of the hurricanes stays safe!


Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Homeless Pets In Need of YOUR Help

Feeling like you want to help all the homeless pets during this time of crisis (or any time of crisis)?
Well hunt no more!  
Over at The Quilt Pattern Magazine, you can join the ranks of other quilters pitching in and sending small kennel quilts to shelters overflowing with homeless pets.

All of the requirements are on their website and can be found right here.  
The size of the quilts is certainly do-able.  
They are asking for 12" x 18" quilts.  Just right for small dogs and cats.  

You can find them on Facebook also right here.  

If you are interested in helping the Texas animals in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey 
here is the mailing information.

There is a form you will need to include with your donation and it may be found right here.

I know you all have scraps laying around and batting too.  
Everything needs to be 100% cotton (even the batting) and washed.  
They even provide you with some free patterns!

I hope everyone takes some time to sew up a few of these small quilts.  
Personally I think it will take longer to choose the fabric and pattern then to actually sew it up!

I would love to see what you make and they encourage you to 
post your finishes to their Facebook page too.


Quick Destash

I have a few things I am destashing.  
If you want something just claim in the comments. Note the group (if there is one) and the letter.  
Anything with a green X on it has been sold.
 I will need your paypal to send an invoice.  
Shipping is NOT included in the prices.  I will do the cheapest shipping.
Feel free to make me an offer although most of the prices are pretty cheap to begin with.  
Smoke free cat friendly home.
Here we go!

Seven FQ of Moda Chez Moi $15

22" Yorkie fabric $3

Halloween panel 41 x 23" $7

42 black Halloween 5" charms $5

Nine fall 5" charms and one house block $1

Purple and green 5" charms plus the cats at the bottom of the photo which are 13 x 20" $3

Group 1:  A-13 x 16 $1, B-22" xWOF $2, C-13 x 22" $1, D-18 x 20" $2

Sparkly bats and orange swirls (size in photo) $3 each

Halloween scene (there are a few cut outs, but that is accounted for) 2.75 yards $20

Group 2: B-13 x 24" $1, C-13 x 20" $1

Group 3: A-13 x 22 $1, C-11 x 13" each piece $1 both, D- 12 x 13" $1

Group 4: A and D are FQ $2 each, B is 18 x 33" $4

Group 5: A, B, C all FA $2 each

Group 6: A and C are FQ $2,  B 15" x WOF $3

I would love for all of these to find new homes!


WIPs With Friends

I really don't have any WIP's to show currently.  Oh don't get me wrong, I have plenty of them.  
We are getting ready to go on vacation (maybe, if Irma doesn't spoil it) .
 Our plan was to go to the Outer Banks in NC to visit with our daughter.  
We are going to have to keep an eye on Irma and see where she lands.

Last night, instead of working on a project (as you saw yesterday, I finished up a few things) 
I went into my stash and started posting things for sale.  
If any one is interested in Halloween fabrics I will post them here too and you may purchase.  
I will do another post with that in it.

Hallie brought me a "bad mousie" last night, left it on the front porch on the welcome mat for me!  She spent time "helping" me destash last night.  
Should I have been doing that last night?  Heck no!  
I needed to spend time cutting out the next WIP.  I have the sashing cut, but not the main part. 
 Maybe tonight?  
Although I still need to make a meal plan for next week and shop for said items.

I did finish my chenille blanket so this is after it came out of the washer and dryer.

Your turn.  What are you working on?  I will link up with Sew Fresh Quilts.  Will you link up here?


Tuesday, September 05, 2017


I hope you all enjoyed your time away over the long weekend.  
I was able to get a quilt top finished YAY!  
I loved working with the Canyon fabric line by Kate Spain but 
was SUPER happy to finally finish this top. 
My friend Robin did the bulk of the stars and I sewed all the squares and put it all together.  
OMG was there a LOT of seam matching!!! 
 I was soooooo over it by the time I finished!!!  
It was quite a big quilt so I could only get a photo of it on my front lawn.  
(Notice Hallie photo bombing in the top!)

I started making another Chenille blanket for an upcoming baby shower.  
As you can see I had loads of help!

Got all the lines sewn


Such a handsome helper!

PHEW all those channels are cut, the blanket is squared up and bound and ready for the washer.

Cole was exhausted from all his hard work!

I also did some hand quilting on the small snake wall hanging.  Ready for that one to be finished too.

Next up is making another baby quilt for another niece that is expecting.  
I'll probably make a chenille blanket for her too, but I need to find just the right fabric.

What did you do over the long weekend?


Friday, September 01, 2017

Good Friends and Gratuitous Kitten Photos

I want to take a few minutes heading into the holiday weekend to share 
a few recent gifts from my internet friends.  
First up is a pillow cover my friend Kayla made for me.  
Isn't it gorgeous?

Then totally out of the blue, my friend Judy sent me some strips for my scrap quilt.  
I was so amazed and thankful!  
If any of you have 1.5" wide pieces x up to 4" long and want to sew those together and send some to me just message me for my mailing address. 
 It is a great leader/ender project!  
Also, my friend Carol, sent me a tracing of a Spartan helmet.  
I am considering using that as an applique for a MSU quilt for the camper bed!  
(It is the tissue under the card in this photo.) 
Thank you ladies!!!

Last night I was *trying* to work on the star quilt but Finny had other ideas.  
He sorely wanted my attention as you can see here.  

Here he was helping me sew. 
 I finally had to put him out of the room, LOL.  
He is so cute though.

With hubby away they have been more needy than usual of my time. 
 What is everyone up to this weekend? 
 I have a birthday party for my great niece to go to tomorrow and then pick up hubby.  
No big plans after that.  
DD1 asked me to come over and watch some TV show with her she is excited about but 
that is a BIG time commitment.  
She would want me to watch both seasons and the episodes she has saved after that.  
Sounds like a good one though.  
Revolution I think is the name.

Whatever you do, enjoy your long weekend 
(if you live in the US)
and if not then enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Some Quilty Progress and Thrifting Scores

I said yesterday that I would take photos of my progress, 
but by the time I got home yesterday it was not great light.  
I went to JAF and got almost 13 yards of batting 
(that's all they had of the kind I wanted) and used my 70% off coupon.  
It made it so much cheaper!  

Anyhoo, here is the back of what I have put together so far.  This is 4 rows of 9. 
 I have two more sewn together and then a single row sewn. 
 As I said each row takes me about an hour and attaching each row takes me another 45minutes or so.  

 These are the stars I have left, so 2 more rows to sew.  
I need to attach the squares to 2 sides of these and they will be ready to sew together into one row.  There is so much matching.  
The fabric is Canyon, by Kate Spain. 
 I'm already tired of working on it and I have HOURS left to do. 
 My goal is to finish it before the end of the weekend so I can take it to the quilter next week.

Then I went to the Sally Ann to see what they had.  
Hubby and I usually go on Wednesdays as there is a senior discount.  
Yesterday it was a super senior discount so 33% off!!!  Here are the things I picked up.

Two super adorable Lefton figurines.  They are about 2" tall and very delicate.

OK, Lord help me I could not walk away from this silly vinyl stuffed cat.  Clearly a child's toy.  
A little creep but oh so me.  
I'm sure my children will appreciate these finds 

I'm also a sucker for church related things.  
When I saw this sweet little angel with a (I'm not sure if it is a place to hold Holy water? a Rosary?) she jumped into my cart too.

I am always on the look out for dish towels.  
Do you know how expensive good towels are??
I don't like the terry cloth ones.  I scored 3 of them. 
 Plus this adorable black cat soap holder 
(Hello, now I need all the black cat things) 
and that cute spatula.

 Ahhhh, but the BEST find of the day?  This Salad Shooter!!!!!!  I have one and I LOVE it.  
I brought it to the camper and then left it there and was so sad.  
I have been meaning to buy another one but just kept putting it off.  
They were ~$30 on Amazon.  This one was $2!!!

I also could not resist this vintage Batman and Robin pattern 
if for nothing other than that picture on the front of the pattern.  
It was my very favorite show as a kid.  
The snowmen pattern is for a friend.

On top of all of that I got 2 sets of brand new queen sized sheets and 
1 set of vintage sheets for the camper pull out bed. 
(They are in the wash so no pictures).

Want to guess how much I spent?  Less then $32 for everything!!!  
It was a good night at the Sally Ann.

As I said, I did sew one more row last night.  
I am meeting my daughter for dinner tonight but hope to get home in time to sew another row tonight or maybe sew the rows I have finished together.  
Not sure which.

Enjoy your evening and tomorrow is Fri-yay!!!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

WIPs With Friends

I worked like a fiend over the weekend and some this week to 
get some of those stars and squares I was working on put together.  
I didn't take any photos of the assembled rows yet, 
but I do have some of my "helpers" that I can share. 
 Each row took me an hour or so to put together.  There is a CRAP TON of matching. 
 I'll get some photos tonight and share tomorrow.

Here is Mr Finny inspecting my fabric choices.  
You can also see all the squares for the pattern are sewn 
(but not yet pressed in this picture).  

It actually took me several hours to press all those seams open!

All that "helping" was exhausting!  
Of course he chose the crap valley to sleep in!  See that aqua box?  All 72 star blocks are in that.  

Oh and don't think Cole wasn't in on the "helping".  He took over inspector Autumn's spot.  
Oh Finny, you are so dramatic!

I did get my September bee blocks made too .  Yes, that's right, I said September!  
Trying to get ahead of the game here.

And they were so cute I made one for me too! 
 I am thinking that I will try to make an extra block each time and then make them into a sampler.  We will see how that goes though.  

I am linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts.

Now it's your turn to share what YOU are working on.

Use the Linky tool to link up or the #WIPSwithfriends on IG.

Can't wait to see what everyone else is working on.