Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Traveling Quilter

I have determined that when we travel (in our camper or otherwise) and quilt shops are involved I will post under this header.  
Last weekend my husband, the kittens and I went to a new campground.
  It was called Eby Pines, located in northern Indiana. 
 If you are interested in our travels with kittens and quilt related content then come on along with us!

First up is the traveling with kittens part.  
These guys decided that they did NOT want to travel in their carrier. 
 So I decided to try letting them out and see how they did.  
Hubby was not thrilled at first but then this happened.  
Finn decided that the appropriate place for him to be was in his dad's arms, just like at home!  
At first hubby was not so sure but once he settled in things were fine.

Not to be left alone in the carrier, Cole came out and settled in on my lap for the 3 + hour drive.

When we got to the campground, we set up the pet tent and put the boys in that.
This allowed us to go in and out of the camper and not have them get out and get lost.

This campground had some quilt shops nearby.
Hubby even scouted them out for me!

First up was a little shop in Bristol called Lavender Patch.
We had to cross the St. Joseph river as we parked at a nearby park and walked to the shop.
The park was beautiful and the river was too!

I thought this guy was pretty funny!

This was the inside of the shop.  
They had some nice fabric.  
I bought a gold backing for the snake quilt and 
a pattern of a Christmas tree made from log cabin blocks.

We drove into Shipshewana, but since you have probably all seen my photos 
of Lolly's and Yoder's I didn't snap any new pics.  
I will have to do better about that in the future!

I did get a picture of the kittens enjoying the bed in the camper though.  It was later that night.

 We stopped at a shop in Middlebury called the Pumpkinvine Quilting.  This was a fabulous shop!

I managed to find lots of goodies here. 
Some older Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille, as well as some rainbow for binding. 

We also stopped here, at the Corn Crib, The Quilt Shop.  

I have been here before and the shop is quite small.  I found a great airplane quilt pattern here.

They had giftware in the Corn Crib too and I spotted this amazing peacock Santa. 
 Hmmm...I wonder who might need this?

No trip to Shipshewana is complete without a few buggy photos.

I never get tired of seeing these.  
When we pulled up to E & S Sales there was a buggy 
with three little Amish girls looking out the back window.  
I wanted to take their picture so badly, but I didn't.

So on to my fabric purchases.  I found this unique fabric at Lollys.  I fell in love with the deer!

Most of this was purchased from the Pumpkinvine Quilting shop,
 with the exception of the gold which I got at the Lavender Patch.

I bought these fabrics at Yoder's Department Store in Shipshewana too. 
 I could not resist that top right fabric for my camper quilt. 
 I also found some "What Pet Should I get?" fabric.  
The cat fabric in that line is adorable!  
The pink and black are for bindings, the dot to go with the deer, the molecules for a science quilt, 
the whales for a friend and the brown tabby print because Finn!

On our trip home we just kept the boys out of the crate to begin with. 
 I think I am going to purchase a  window perch for the car and see how that goes, but mostly they just wanted to be together on one of our laps.  
Since that was not the best idea for the driver, and Finny got there first, Cole had to settle for being as close as possible to his dad and Finny while not actually in his lap.

Overall, a very good trip for us all.
I hope you enjoyed our travels and will stop back for more.


WIPs With Friends

I don't have a lot to share about this today but I am hoping you will have more than me!
I worked on my August bee blocks last night and got them finished! 
 Put them in the mail this morning.  
One more thing to check off my to do list. 

I am linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts Let's Bee Social.

How about YOU??  What are you working on?  Share with the linky button and show us!

Let's see if we can get 10 people to link up.  
If so, I will do another giveaway!  
Some pretty great fabrics in my stash need a new home.  
Will it be yours??


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Great American Solar Eclipse 2017

Yes, even those of us in MI suffered from eclipse mania yesterday. 
 My hubby drove to my work so we could go out and watch it together.  
There were so many people outside starting around 1:30.  
We were outside for a little over an hour and saw it get to 80% eclipsed.  
There was a woman in the area that  had a telescope set up and 
a friend of mine gave us some viewing glasses.   
We also used our phones to try to take some photos with and 
without the viewing glasses over the phone lens.

Probably the best shop I managed to get through the clouds.  
Not sure why it looks so dark, but the bright light seemed to mess with the camera on the iPhone.

This is a short video of all the rest of the folks at U of M (in the space we were)
watching the eclipse too.


This one was on paper.

It was fun to be out there with everyone enjoying the beautiful day and the excitement of the eclipse.

I hope that you all got to be caught up in the excitement 
even if you were not able to view it at your own home. 
 This is the third one I remember in my lifetime.  
There were no fancy glasses for the first one when I was a child 1970, 
and the one in 1979 happened when I was in college.  

It's fun to be a part of history!


Catching Up

I feel like I have so much to catch you all up on and have been too busy to write anything much! 
 I went with a friend to the AQS show in Grand Rapids last week and we had a blast! 
 So many beautiful quilts!  I think this one was my favorite. 
 I want to make a Viking quilt some day too and this one was fabulous!

There were so many beautiful quilts!  These are just a few of the ones I liked. 
 Hubby is a pilot to this depiction of the Blue Angels was pretty cool.

My best friend has a Double Yellow Headed Amazon so I took this shot for her.

The Koi pond was striking.

Of course I loved the cat ones!

As much as I loved all of the quilts it was very exciting to me to get to see Sylvia's original 
Epic Halloween QAL quilt. 
 It is the one that inspired my Hallowedding quilt!

Here is my Hallowedding Quilt so you can see the differences.

Of course no trip to a show is complete without visiting the vendors!  
I picked up a few patterns and this amazing seam ripper/stilletto combo.  
This shows it fully opened.

Then pull them out and turn them around and it is all closed up!  So cool!!

I found a cool pattern for a cat bed too. 
 I already had the insert so now I need to put this on my short "to do" list for the kittens!

Last but not least were some patterns. 
 I bought the two Lynette Anderson patterns on the left and the fox quilt on the bottom at the show.  The other two I bought last weekend on our camping excursion to Shipshewana 
(more to come on that soon)

I am so excited to tell you all about the camping trip too.  

Stop back tomorrow for WIPs With Friends!