Thursday, December 01, 2016

Hallowedding Quilt Update

Yesterday, I was showing a friend what the Ghastlies fabric looked like. 
I Googled it and clicked on Images.  
I clicked on an image and guess what was in that frame??  You'll never guess!


Yep, right smack dab in the front!  Well, you know what I now need right?  
Some of the Ghastlie Holiday fabric.  I really just need a 3.5" square for one place in the quilt.  
I put the call out on Instagram asking if anyone had this fabric (in any of the color ways) and would be willing to send me a 3.5" square.  
(I didn't really need more than that).  
THREE people volunteered to help me!  
So now I have 2 of the 3.5" squares coming and one wonderful person is sending me an entire FQ!!!  Which is really cool as on the other side of the goal post looking thing is a cat that would be purrfect in another portion of the quilt! 
 Bwahahaha, my plan is coming together!

I made time to make this last spider web block last night. 
 I employed all the things I learned making the first one and STILL managed to screw up.  
The black web on the outside was supposed to be the center and 
the dots were supposed to be the outside.  
I need to mark the directions so if I ever make these again I will know which way to sew it together.  I am still happy with how it came out and the center matches exactly as it should on this one!

The last pieced block I need to make is the ring of coffins. 
 I hope to at least get the templates made tonight and maybe cut a few out. 
 I am not sure how long this one will take since there is some hand sewing involved.  
If I can get it to that point though I can hand stitch watching Christmas shows with my hubby.  

I need to get going on the decorating and those Christmas stockings (I have not forgotten, M)

Yay for progress!!

I am taking my kitty helper to the vet on Saturday.  
She has been eating and drinking like crazy (she is also 16 years old). 
 I think it may be Diabetes or Hyperthyroid.  
I am hoping the vet can take some blood and diagnose.  
Her brother left me last year in October and her sister this past March.  
DD1 has already told me that they both came to her 
and said they are just waiting for Autumn to join them = (

I am having a Lularoe Clothing party on Saturday too. 
 If anyone reading this lives locally message me and I will send you the address.  
Time is 2-4.  
If you know LLR and are interested in something in particular, if you send me your phone number I can text you photos of what is being sold.  

Alright, off to do some more work!

Have a lovely weekend.


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WIPs With Friends

I did manage to force myself to sew over the holiday though.  
I am being very serious.  
Sewing seems like a chore at the moment. 
 I want this Hallowedding quilt finished, but have been DREADING the rest of the blocks. 
 Weird, huh?  
So I finally decided that I needed to see what the placement of the original blocks were
 and see how mine was really progressing. 
 That is the only way I could assess what I have left to make.
  Nothing like a little visualization to get me moving forward!

I wrote down the blocks I still needed to make and realized that some of the additional blocks that I had made fit in in place of some that the original quilt had!  

 I still needed to make one more set of eyes.

And one bat

One set of 2 short potion bottles

One set of tall potion bottles

And holy cheese whiz Batman, this is what my background fabric for my first (of 2) spider webs looked like as I was cutting it out.

I laid it out to make sure everything went in the same direction.

Then I made my first spider web block!  
Sewing the curves was not difficult at all.
  Parts of the original pattern left a few things out that I had to figure out, 
but three hours later it was finished.

I have one more spider web left to make and then the Ring of Coffins.  
There are a few filler blocks that are just cuts of fabric. 
 I also need to measure everything and size up or down to make sure it will all fit together but otherwise I am good. 
 I have checked the size on about half of the blocks so far.  
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving at my House

I hope all my American friends had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  
Ours was busy leading up to the dinner but relaxing after that.  
We cooked a turkey that our daughter raised and it was so good! 
 (Pay no attention to the rip in the skin)

My son came over with our (now his) dog.  

My daughter brought her peahen, Beep, who dined with us.  She loves mashed potatoes!

She doesn't really like my hubby so this is a rare photo!

All in all a good time was had by all.  What did you do on your turkey day?


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

WIPs With Friends

I can't say that I have anything new to share with you all, LOL. 
 The one thing that I would say I am currently working on 
(besides the Hallowedding quilt) 
is getting things ready for the QAL coming in the new year.  

I have made a blog button for it and put it on my side bar.  

Ocean Waves QAL

You can grab the html from the side bar and put this button on your blog if you are joining me.

I would appreciate everyone spreading the word too.  I hope we get a lot of people playing along.

My goal over Thanksgiving is to make 2 entire blocks.
One where the block finishes at 12" and one where it finishes at 16"
That is a LOT of HST!

OK, your turn.
What are you working on??


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Monday, November 21, 2016

Ocean Waves QAL Some Useful Tools

I have given this a lot of thought over the weekend and have decided that I will go ahead and do this as a QAL beginning after the new year.  
This will give you time to gather your ideas, some fabrics and a few tools.  
I made a test 1/4 of a block last night and used pretty small HST to do it. 
 I want to make a full on circle and see if I can live with that size or if I need to make it larger.  
I am also taking an online course to learn to us my EQ software so will try to plan this out in EQ.  Hopefully this will give me some ideas of yardage for you all. 
 I am going to use various navies and white with a smattering of colored bits.  

My friend, Norma, did this and I fell in love with her version.  
I thought she told me she used 2.5" squares for her HST, 
trimmed to 2" which means they finish at 1.5" in the block.  
I was wrong.  
Her HSTs were 2.5" and finished at 2" in the block. 
 This means my full blocks (the circles) would finish at 12" while hers were 16". 
 I think I'm going to make one of each and see how I like them.  
The test quarter I did last night was using the 2" and I have to say it was not too bad to put together. 
 I sometimes think that when you start making things bigger 
you have LOTS more room for things not to match up. 
 On the down side it does mean you have to trim precisely and 
sew the same if you want you pieces to match up.  
Using such high contrast as navy and white I certainly want my squares to match up!

I have a few things that I think will be essential for all of us to be successful with making this quilt.

The number one thing on the list of MUST haves is a Bloc Loc ruler.  
You will need to determine the size of the HST unit you want to use
 and purchase the closest size of ruler.  
Now you can always go to the bigger sizes, but remember you will have a LOT of HST to trim if you are making a queen size quilt like me!  
I find my precision is better when I use rulers closest to the size square I am trimming.  
I took out my 2.5" Bloc Loc ruler for my trimming.  
The amazing thing about these rulers is that the center if the ruler (on the underside) has a groove that LOCKS into your seam on your HST.  
Don't you just hate it when you are trimming and your ruler slips?
  This stops that from happening. 
 I LOVE my Bloc Loc rulers!  
You can find these rulers on their website here.  

The reason I am mentioning these things now is that Christmas is coming up and
 these rulers are a little bit spendy, but oh so worth it!  
I got Set#1 for Christmas a few years ago and have never regretted it!

Next up is the Clearly Perfect.  
Can you say amazing?  
I will not sew HST without it 
(unless they are gigantic and won't fit on the CP, of course). 
 The instructions tell you how to fit it to your machine 
(don't worry it is super easy).

Once you have it all set you can sew really nice HST using this.  
You put your squares together and set them up like in this photo. 
 The bottom "point" of the squares should line up with the far left line.  
You just keep that point on the line and sew. 
 Then flip the unit around and do it again.  
You cut them apart (point to point) and voila you have 2 HST!! 

 It takes a little bit of practice but once you get the hang of it 
you will wonder how you ever did them any other way.  
The good news is that we are trimming all the HST 
so close to perfect is fine for using this if you are unsure.  
Another tool to add to your Christmas wish list!

The next thing is a rotating cutting mat.  
When we will have so many HST units to trim this is essential!  
Joann's has them and you can use your coupon.

Lastly, another good tool is the 28mm Olfa rotary cutter. 
 You can see mine in the upper left hand corner of the photo above. 
 This blade size is wonderful for trimming small units.  
These are available at JAF as well so watch for these and maybe they will be on Black Friday sale!

You may want to invest in some additional blades too, as you will be trimming LOADS of HST!

So that is it for me for now. 
 I will try to have a WIPs with friends on Wednesday but 
I suspect my WIP will be getting ready for Thanksgiving!!  

How about you?  How was your weekend?

  Are you going to play along with me in this QAL?  
Think about the fabrics you want to use and get out there and get some of these great tools!
(or ask Santa to bring them for you)
Don't forget that if you post anything about the QAL to use our hashtag


Friday, November 18, 2016

Ocean Waves Quiltalong (QAL)

Now you know which quilt I am wanting to make!  
It is an Ocean Waves quilt.  My friend, Norma, has made one that I *need* to make.  
This is a photo of her finished top.  
(with her permission)

What do you guys think? 
 Anyone interested in working on this with me?
I am planning on beginning this in the new year, so plenty of time to consider.
I have NOT mapped out a thing, but the QAL can go at your own pace.  We will choose fabrics, then talk about cutting and assembly of the main block.  
We can even make our own hashtag if you are on Instagram,
So think about what colors you would like to use.  If you are unsure, just Google "ocean waves quilts" and you will see a LOT of inspiration!
  Or you can check out my Pinterest page, I have an Ocean Waves board.  

Who is in?? 
 I would love for some people to join in on this. 
Maybe I can make a button?  I guess I will give that a try.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure and let me know if you will be joining in the HST fun!