Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WIPs With Friends And A Giveaway

I have been working on a few things this past weekend. 
 None of which were my Ocean Waves quilt though. 
 I have a shower gift to make and I began working on a Chenille blanket for 
my newest great nephew born last week.

I made the bee block for February.  Isn't it adorable? 
 I'm pretty sure I need to make an entire quilt of strawberries now.  

I finished the oven mitts but can't show them = (  
I have to wait until I can gift those. 
 I did begin working on the chenille blanket I needed to have ready to mail out this week. 
 So many lines of sewing!
If you want to make one too check out my Chenille blanket tutorial.

I managed to get all the lines sewn and then later cut.  Then I just need to bind, wash and mail!

Hubby and I went to the Camper and RV show this past weekend. 
 We are totally in love with these Retro campers.  
We drove by the factory last time we were in Shipshewana (accidently) and discovered them. 
 They make a fifth wheel but there was not a model at the camper show.  
We did speak with someone that is going to try to get us a factory tour and talk about what our options are with a fifth wheel and the cost.  
This is one of the things we are planning on doing when I retire.  
Can we come and see YOU???  

This is not the interior of the Retro but another one that we liked.  
The show was overwhelming, but it did help us narrow down the things we liked and did NOT like.  He kept on saying, 
"We have to make sure there will be a place for you to set up your sewing machine" 
 Ah, he knows how to make a girl happy!

Last but not least, I am working on a Yeti receiving blanket.  
If I had a brain in my head I would make this into a quilt rather than a receiving blanket,
 but I don't so there you have it! 
 I think I need to change out the lips for a more subtle shade of pink. 
 (she looks more clown/whorish than I like right now).  
So no big deal, but I have to get her stitched around and 
the receiving blanket part done by next week for the baby shower! 
 I'll keep you posted.

Curious about the giveaway? 

 I have a an adorable charm pack to send to you! 
 If you want a chance to win, please tell me one place we should visit on our camping adventure
 in your state and why.  
Giveaway closes Friday February 17 in the morning.
I will announce the winner on Friday.
Please make sure I can contact you via email.
I will go to the next winner if I cannot.

For a second chance link up to our WIPs With Friends so we can all see what you are working on too!  Just use the Inlinkz button to link up.  

I'm linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts Let's Bee Social

That's it!  Easy peasy!  Good luck and happy stitching!


Friday, February 10, 2017

Ocean Waves QAL Check in

I thought I would see where everyone is at this point.  
I must admit that I just finished all my cutting this past weekend 
and have not had much time to sew this week. 
Here are the Neptune squares I will be adding to my quilt in various permutations.

All stacked up and waiting for their background fabrics.

I feel like I cut and cut and cut some more of all this white!  
I used most of my Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets up!  

Autumn seemed to like the Pearl Bracelets as much as me!

I pay her in water!  LOL


Now it's time for you all to share what your progress is so we may all be encouraged.  
Click the blue Inlinkz button to add your post.  
Don't forget to use #OceanWavesQAL on social media.

Happy Stitching!


Wednesday, February 08, 2017

WIPs With Friends

I decided to work on a few things I needed to tidy up.  
So I cleaned up my room and began to work on cutting out more of my Ocean Waves quilt.  
Then my daughter called and plans changed. 
 She wanted me to sew a peacock diaper for Beep. 
 That consumed all of my Saturday afternoon. 
 I had her bring the old one so I had a pattern and we made a few modifications.  

I forgot to take any process shots but here it is in all it's glory. 
 We added velcro so will see how that works out.  Hopefully Beep will not be able to undo that.

This is how it goes on the bird.

 Here is Beep modeling her new diaper.

Next up was to make some baked egg rolls.  It was my first attempt at this.  

I think they could be rolled a bit tighter, which I did as I made more. 
 Overall they turned out well and were only 3 Smart Points each! 
 Recipe is from the Skinny Kitchen website and you can find it here.

I put on my new Valentine's leggings and life was good!

I made the binding for the Hallowedding quilt this weekend too.  It's all black. 

I made a couple of oven mitts but I can't show them as they are a surprise for a friend
 and she reads my blog.  
TRUST me when I say they are adorable! 
 I just need to put the bias binding on the bottoms of them.  
I am going to attempt a Open Wide bag for the same friend. 
 The free tutorial is on Noodlehead's blog.  
If I can figure out how to make them I will show you what I end up with.  

OK so what are you working on?  Join up with the link or use the #WIPsWithFriends.


Thursday, February 02, 2017

Meet The Newest Addition To the Family

Hubby and I were at the Sally Ann last night.  
It was 25% off for seniors (anyone over 55).  
You'll never guess what I happened to find.  
I am always on the look out for vintage sewing machines. 
 It seems most of the ones at the SA are in pretty rough shape and not usually Singers.  
I found a Model 66-16 Singer in a cabinet!!  
I was so thrilled.  
I have divested myself of three vintage machines to dae.
(to the vintage sewing machine man in Munith).  
Hubby said to go for it.  So I bought her and now she is mine!!!

Here are some photos I took in the store.  
She needs a foot pedal and power cord but those are easily obtained.  
Also a little TLC, but she is a beauty!!! 
 Made in 1952.

Have a great Thursday!!


Wednesday, February 01, 2017

WIPs With Friends

Seems to be that time of the week.  
What have you been working on? 
 I am still cutting out squares for my Ocean Waves quilt. 
 That seems to be all consuming for me at the moment. 
 I think I need to look at my "to do" list though and see what else I need to work on.  
As soon as all the squares are cut out, I want to cut out another quilt to work on.  
I think I will be using the OW quilt project as a leader/ender one for now. 

 I know my son would really like his Detroit sports quilt made.  

I have 3 chenille blankets to do so that's another couple I need to take care of. 
 I think I already have one basted, but that leaves 2 more and then all the sewing!! 
 One of the babies is due this week so I am fairly certain he will get the first one done. 
 If you want to see how to make your own chenille blanket check out my Tutorial page just under my header photo for the link, or click right here.

I was thinking about sewing but someone had other ideas.  So I stuck to cutting.  

My plan is to add some Tula Pink Neptune into my navy and white quilt so I dug out my Neptune.
It was easier than I thought to make those cuts and it feels GREAT to use the fabric I love!  

This dark navy Triton is by far my favorite in the line.  
Getting that deep indigo is so difficult!  
I wish Neptune was not so difficult (and expensive) to find, 
but I am certainly going to use some in this quilt!

So that about sums up what I plan on working on this week.  
Do you find that writing it down helps you get more done?
I think it helps me stay on track.

Your turn, what are you working on?
Share with the Inlinkz blue button and don't forget to use #WIPsWithFriends


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quick Post

I just have a few minutes but wanted to share.  
Hubby and I made pasta from scratch last night for our dinner. 
 He also made some delicious chicken meatballs.  
He ground up one chicken breast and added some bread crumbs and an egg 
then baked them in the oven.  
If you have not made your own pasta you should give it a try.  It is pretty messy though!

I think we got almost as much on the floor as we made, LOL.

Here is what we got plus three more from a half recipe!  It was spaghetti.

Chicken meatballs under some Asiago cheese.  YUM!

Don't forget that tomorrow is WIPs With Friends day!  I hope you will be joining me.