Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sew Beachy Part 1

I was invited to a quilt retreat in Ventura Beach, California. 
 I gave this a lot of thought as not only did I need to pay for the retreat, 
but had to come up with a way to afford the airfare.  
It's not always easy on one salary, but we figured it out and I booked the trip.  
Mind you, I had only met one of the folks that would be going, of the 25 invited, YIKES!  
I knew *some* of them from Instagram.  
The ones I knew I really liked so I decided to do it.  
Fun and scary all at the same time.  
I wanted to fly out a bit early and that's where my friend Ana came in.  
My FIRL, Traci, was flying in from WI and was renting a car.  
I flew in to LA at night and she picked me up.  
We drove to Ana's and spent the night before heading to Ventura Beach and the retreat. 
 It is a little terrifying to fly with your sewing machine though.  

We headed out on Friday morning and drove down Hollywood Blvd.  
Traci had lived in CA for a few years and knew how to get around the city, which was fantastic.  (Thanks again, Traci, for being the driver!).  
She showed me some of the famous things before we headed out to LAX to pick up another person, Paula, flying in from Kansas City.

I saw the Hollywood sign.

Corner of Hollywood and Vine

Capitol Records

Ripley's Believe it or Not

Mann's Chinese Theater

Once we picked up Paula we headed to a quilt shop called Sew Together.  
The trees outside were yarn bombed!

 It was a cute little shop with LOADS of modern fabrics.  Decisions, decisions!

We drove by the Getty Villa

Made a stop so Traci could rest (a little kitchy place Traci wanted to stop at)

Then it was time to stop for lunch.  Ollie's Duck and Dive.  
This is Traci and I enjoying our lunch with Paula.  
Traci is the only person I actually knew before going to the retreat and we had only met once.

When we arrived at the retreat house (Saylor's Sandcastle) and 
looked into the garage, this is what we saw.  

All 25 of us would be sewing in here and those windows?  They look right on to the beach!

Our table consisted of me, Traci, Paula and Melanie (not here yet).

We had the most beautiful sunsets each night.  This was the first one.

I met some amazing women.  Left to right, Susan, Pam (applique teacher and Susan's sister), 
Jamie (our wallet instructor, Made By Jamie) and Darla (our hostess).  
These women are epic!  
I am so glad I got to know them in real life.  I'm pretty certain I will be life long friends with them!

I loved that there were three Pam's at the retreat!  
This Pam and I became fast friends!  Everyone was so nice.  

I have lots more to share but this is already pretty long so more tomorrow.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Finally A Finish I Can Talk About

As you may remember, I was in California for the past week.  
I went for a quilt retreat, Sew Beachy, 
(more about the retreat later) 
and stayed with a friend that I used to work with
 (until she moved to California).  
Many years ago, I made a quilt for the U of M quilt raffle. 
 Proceeds went to in need families that were patients at the university hospital.  
One of my first big quilts was won by my friend.  
She called me up 6 months or so ago and told me that her quilt had been loved to death and 
would I consider making her a new quilt?  
I asked my two friends at work that I quilt with if they would consider helping.  
As it turned out one was in the hospital at the time we needed to get this done, but upon her release made a few blocks for the quilt.  
My other friend did most of the stars.  
I made some stars, the squares, put the top together and then bound it when we got it back. 
 I carried it on the plane when I flew out to Cali & was able to present it in person to our friend Ana.  

First of all let me say that her reaction was priceless!  
Anyone reading this that I have given an quilt to or if you receive one in the future, 
please take note that THIS is how you should respond to receiving a quilt from me, LOL.

This is how I presented it to her, all rolled up.

We used Tula Pink's Free Fall 108" wide for the back.

Reading the label

THIS, this is how everyone should react!  

Thanks, Ana you made my day!

It's a bit embarrassing but this is the well loved quilt
 (which for the record she would NOT let me throw away as she loves it still).  
It reminded me of my daughter's "si-si" 
(well loved blanket).

Here are a few photos of the entire quilt so you can see what it looks like.  
Fabric is Canyon by Kate Spain and the pattern is Sara's Star by Sweet Jane's Quilting & Design. (Just in case you need to make one too!)  
Note, we did make ours larger than the pattern.

Oh dear friend, you made me so happy to gift this to you!
Thank you again for hosting me during my stay, but don't expect a new quilt every time, LOL

I am linking this finish up with Crazy Mom Quilts.

More about Sew Beachy soon!


Wednesday, November 08, 2017

WIPs With Friends

I realize it have not posted since that BIG post about my vacation. 
 I had a class last Saturday with my SIL to work on our Fiberworks quilts.  
If you remember, mine is the orange cat and hers was the seahorse. 
 This is what mine started off looking like.  
I fused him to the Pattern Eze.  
Then I had to cut him out and somehow adhere him to a background fabric.

I chose to use this text print.  I found it at Hawthorne Threads. 
 It is all cat breed names 
(not all encompasing, of course, but many different breeds and common names).  
I just checked and they don't seem to have it anymore but you can find some here using this link.

I used some fabric glue and just tacked it down then used invisible thread and 
stitched it on to the background.

Then the fun begins.  I used Steam-a-seam II lite and fused it so lots of different fabrics that I thought would be good for the cat and cut the motifs out.  
I peeled off the paper and stuck them to the cat.  
I didn't fuse anything in place yet as I only got part of the cat covered.  
I believe that I may need to move things around so I won't fuse until then.  
The nice part about using the SAS lite is that once you peel the paper off, and before you fuse it,
 it is still kind of sticky. 
 This is how far I got from 10am until 4pm on Saturday.

I still have the majority of the left side to do and his face.  
So far I am totally smitten with how he is turning out.  I am especially in love with his tail!

Additionally, I pulled the fabric to start on a second unicorn. 
 These are the fabrics I selected.  
I am thinking about making the horn out of the dark teal and the stripe on the right.  
What do you think?  
Or should I stick with a gold?

I will link up with Sew Fresh Quilts.

Now it is your turn to link up here with your WIPs.  Use the linky and show us what you are working on.


Wednesday, November 01, 2017

WIPs With Friends

Sorry this is going up late but as you can imagine I have had lots to do since returning home!

I did manage to work on a few things on Sunday.  
I had volunteered to do some pattern testing for a friend and so made this adorable block.  
Of course I now need an entire herd of these, right?
Her pattern is not released yet, but soon.

 I also managed to get binding made for the fish quilt and the fox quilt (both at the quilter's).
So now this will be ready once I get them back.

I hung my Halloween quilt and I smile every time I see this.

Hubby took some small lights and decorated this pumpkin for our porch last night.
So clever!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

What are you working on?  Please share using the link below.

I am linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts too.


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Traveling Quilter Goes To Berlin Ohio

We went on our last camping trip for 2017 and we went to Berlin Ohio. 
For anyone that doesn't know this is Amish country so LOTS of quilt shops.  I
 spent wayyyyy more than I should have of fabric, partly because I found some long out of print fabrics that I could NOT resist buying. 
 I am hoping to sell some in the near future and make some of that money back though.

Alrighty, who wants to go on a trip?
 We start out with kittens in the truck!!! 
 You can see Finn on my husband's lap and Cole on the console.

Once we were set up in the camper it was business as usual and Cole the sponge thief!

We went to downtown Berlin and shopped at Country Gatherings and many of the shops in town.

There are a couple of quilt shops right downtown and I can't remember all of their names.
This one was so cute! 
The Country Craft Cupboard.  
I was on the hunt for some very specific things.  
I needed red and green fabric for a swap. 
 I also needed greens for a MSU quilt for the camper.  
Additionally I was looking for some skin tone fabric and some aqua/mint ish fabricsand gold and silver metallic for another project
(I can't tell you as *someone* reads this and can't know what I am using them for).  
I found some red and green fabric here that I could use.  
I also bought some wool for a Christmas project for my husband. 
(I forgot to take pictures of this)

We went on to Millersburg and Miller's Dry Goods.  Another of my favorites!

That ended the first day.  
We spent the night in the camper as it rained almost the entire time we were there. 
 I brought a quilt to bind and Finn and Cole were my helper cats.

So I guess I need to take better notes for blogging but in no particular order are the rest of the stops.
We found a cute little market and the broccoli and cauliflower were the size of your head!

 The clouds were spectacular and made for some good photos as we were driving places too.

Many a hilly or winding road were found.

 More quilt shops.  This one was called Anything Sews.  Not a big shop but many nice things!

I loved the Lone Star shop.  The Amish ladies running the place were super friendly and helpful!

Mercantile on Main.  This shop was really nice and had a very nice selection!

There were a few more shops but I didn't take any more photos.

 If you are anything like me you probably want to see what I bought right?  
OK here you go.  
Most of this was half yard cuts or less.

For my swaps, 1.5 yard cuts.

Bought this adorable pattern and more red for my Happy Christmas project

Hubby wanted these tea towels which just need the sides hemmed.

Skin tone and some for the secret project

I loved these appliques, but probably won't make the little quilts.  
After making the other fox quilt I think they would be cute appliqued on other pieced quilts.

Hubby wants me to make the camper placemats.
I loved the idea of that cat for a pillow for the camper.

Happy Christmas/MSU fabrics

Happy Christmas/MSU fabrics and striped binding!

Secret projects

More secret projects

Happy Christmas/MSU quilt

 We stopped at a cheese shop on our last full day in the area

So. much. cheese!

On the road home Cole was at home on the console.

Finny seems to like to be by my feet!

One last quilt shop, Country Charm Fabircs in Jeromesville, Ohio, when we were on the road.

I also bought some OOP fabric but will not be showing that as I think it is 
more fun for everyone to 
find it in the "wild" just like I did!

I hope you enjoyed our trip, I know we sure did!